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Since its establishment in 1965, Pan Asia Corporation has gained reputation in completion of monumental infrastructure projects, such as freeway, bridge, subway, high speed rail, tunnel, power plant, industrial buildings and high-rise mansions, in Taiwan, Southeast Asia Countries, Guam and China. We offer services not only Construction but also Project Management, Technical Consultancy and Turnkey Contracting. With commendation and generous support from our clients from time to time, steadfast growth is possible for Pan Asia in a treacherous market where accepting low price and excessive risks under fierce competition has cynically become a norm. Despite the construction companies in general having been whacked by recent global recession , Pan Asia still registered unprecedented success in the turmoil years of 08’ and 09’ thanks to the Management’s perseverance with professional excellence and far-sighted marketing strategy, which allows no contract or venture to be undertaken and executed straying from business regularity. With Taiwan being the GPA signatory under WTO in 2009, Pan Asia Corporation and its compatriots face challenges from foreign competitors; but the changes also provide chances if the contractors in the island are able to outfit themselves with the technological, commercial or whatever scientific innovation churning out minutely from every part of the world construction industry as now it’s an enlarged market. We believe and take pride that Pan Asia has possessed greatest asset in terms of intelligent managerial cadre, sound financing status, reputable and reliable technical expertise, which, certainly will warrant the Company to meet the demand and the expectation of its clients and shareholders in the years to come; more than that we confide that Pan Asia will further excel itself as a regional construction power with the can-do spirit and vigorous creativity culminated in the Company despite restraining business downturn being predicted.